Snatchgig is owned and operated by a minority started business.  While the Website is new, we’d like to welcome all those technical talent to create an account and post a profile with description of your talent and work.

So if you have Internet talent such as design, development, programming or coding, you are really encourage to join Snatchgig as we know for sure business owners with project are coming soon.  They will post projects and you will be chosen to get their work done.  So if you know WordPress development, PHP programming, Java programming, .NET programming or any digital work, or even logo design you should go ahead and post your talent on Snatchgig.

The name Snatchgig means step up and snatch that opportunity before someone else takes it.   This Website service will bring people together from all walks of life allow them to prosper for a long time to come.  Those with projects will find great talent to hire and get their Microjobs done by talented people on Snatchgig.

The job market and technology direction go hand in hand to bring us trends in how people interact together.  Snatchgig is one of the ways which allows people to interact in the Microjob market.

For a limited time, Snatchgig will apply a 10% commission on transactions and there will be membership fees for participants who are posting projects and participants who are providers or technical talents.

We hope you enjoy the experience on Snatchgig.